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The Mark of A Wise Person

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There are several distinctions between you, as a human being, and NPC’s – also known as Non-Player Characters, the pixilated characters in video games. The biggest distinction however between you, a human being, and an NPC is that you have wisdom and they do not. What is wisdom? First let’s address what wisdom is not. Wisdom is not experience:  Terms… Read more »

God Is Fixing This Broken World!

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Satire is the art of telling clearly fictional stories in order to bring to head the pure silliness of beliefs, with the hope that those who adhere to said views will liberate themselves from their fantasy, which they call reality, and step into actual reality. Satire, however and unfortunately, is a dying art, but it is not dead yet, and The… Read more »

Be Warriors of Christ

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We often encourage Christians to share their faith with people and to preach Christ wherever they are and with whomever they engage. However, this about how this often comes across. Think of street preachers who loudly proclaim Christ and are ignored as background noise in the public square.  Think of a time when someone came up to you and started… Read more »

Can You Play A Video Game For God’s Glory?

Minecraft is one of those games that is so famous that it is hard to find anyone who hasn’t heard of it; but, just in case you are one such person who is scratching your head in confusion about what I am talking about, here is Minecraft in nutshell. Picture a video game that allows you to let your mind… Read more »