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How To Look At Life: When I am not where I want to be

At my hands the lives of many video game characters tend to suffer – and depending on the video game, they tend to suffer a lot! They suffer pain and death. When I am fighting a strong villain, through me they will eventually find victory, but the journey to said victory is not without many, many bruises (metaphorically speaking); and… Read more »

What does it mean to be made in God’s image?

One video game that stands out for me, regarding character design, is the horror game Until Dawn. The design of the voice actors is nothing less than uncanny! The human character designs are not just realistic looking, they are frighteningly accurate – from the image of the actor to their voices. For example, the psychiatrist Dr. Hill is played by… Read more »

A Gamer’s Guide To God’s Word

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Many of today’s video games are story-based; that is, they are centred on bringing the player through a heart-pounding drama, for example.  Like many books which are riddled with small details and often need a second read-through to catch them, many of today’s video games need a second and even a third play-through. The first play-through may give the player… Read more »

Do Video Games Make the Gamer a god?

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What are some of the obvious differences between video games and other forms of entertainment like watching television or movies and reading novels? In movies and novels the story is predetermined and every event and spoken word is pre-scripted.  The only thing that is left up to the reader of a novel is the right to personalize vague descriptions of… Read more »