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Are Heaven and Hell Like Virtual Reality?

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Imagine meeting a person who claims to be you, from the future, and claims that future video games will have touch-virtual-reality; that is, when an NPCs (non-player character) touches your character’s hand you actually feel the touch. They also tell you about smell-virtual-reality, where, for example, you actually smell the sweet-smelling flora of a field created in the video game… Read more »

Offering A Reason To Read God’s Word: We need to be prepared to talk about it (Part 2)

Please see part one of this series for a bigger picture on why we should obey God’s word! [i] One day, while playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, (A.K.A ‘The Witcher 3’), my character, Geralt of Rivia, was at a low strength level of 3 when I took on a side mission. However, I found out pretty quickly that in order… Read more »

Offering A Reason To Obey God’s Word: God’s commands are practical (Part 1)

There are three classes of video games. There are some video games that “hold the player’s hand” throughout the entire game.  Just like many parents who guide their children through the first two decades of their lives; making them do their homework, keeping their bedroom clean, eating healthy, getting exercise, etc. Final Fantasy 10 fits into this class. While there… Read more »

Strategic Evangelism: A game-plan for Christian witness

The subtitle of this website is “When games are a part of life.” How can video games become a part of life? When they are an enjoyable part of life, but also when they become more than a mere pastime activity. Video games, like any form of entertainment, can give insights into life and can, therefore, become a teaching aid… Read more »

Always Level Up!

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From the two pixilated paddles of Pong to today’s video games, like Horizon Zero Dawn, video games have definitely made a journey over the years. The diversity of video games today is simply massive in titles, styles and genre. One of my favourite genre of video games is highly immersive, emotionally charged video games that tell a story. If you… Read more »