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Being Close To The Game or Close To God

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One question that could be asked by Christians when it comes to doing extracurricular activities is whether or not the activity in question brings the Christian closer to Jesus. This has been applied to many forms of extracurricular activities, but let’s narrow our focus to video games from here on in. A question that a Christian may ask a fellow… Read more »

If It’s Not Right With You, Don’t Play It.

I have written a few articles on how Christians can play video games. I thought it would be good to write on how Christians shouldn’t play video games; perhaps this will satisfy those people who believe I’m essentially a heretic for playing video games, that I am actually still a Christian; as I am not advocating for everyone to play Grand… Read more »

Which Is Evil, The Video Game or The Heart? 

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Many people, Christians and non-Christians alike, have concerns about video games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA).  Those concerns may be valid – video games like GTA are known for their less-than-child-friendly content; content that includes, but is not limited to, murder, theft, physical assault and so on. As a result, many people think video games like the famous (or infamous)… Read more »

Strategic Evangelism: A game-plan for Christian witness

The subtitle of this website is “When games are a part of life.” How can video games become a part of life? When they are an enjoyable part of life, but also when they become more than a mere pastime activity. Video games, like any form of entertainment, can give insights into life and can, therefore, become a teaching aid… Read more »

Take up the Cross of Rebellion

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Perhaps it’s because I’ve been playing a lot of Persona 5, a game about rebellion; but there is an aspect of Christianity that would be good to meditate on. We know Christ as a servant, Christians as His followers and all the virtues that come with that. These virtues being love, charity, hope, and so on. There is an aspect… Read more »