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How To Play The Game of Christian Apologetics

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When it comes to playing video games, there are several habits that almost every gamer is guilty of practicing. One such habit – and, admittedly, a relatively bad habit – that many gamers practice is the act of picking up everything that is not nailed down in the world of their game and cramming it all into every conceivable pocket… Read more »

Grinding through Leviticus 

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Grinding! The thing that all gamers, big and small, have accepted as a necessary evil. What is grinding? In gaming terms, grinding, is the repeating of the same action multiple times to achieve a purpose. Minecraft is the king of video-game grinding. In order to achieve your artistic masterpiece, consisting of majestic tall buildings, beautiful landscaped scenes and fancy Redstone… Read more »

No Man’s Sky and The Meaning of Life 

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A Note To The Reader:  This blogpost contains a primary plot-point in the stories, The Atlas Path and The Awakening for No Man’s Sky. Therefore, the information it contains about the two aforementioned stories may constitute as a spoiler. Reader discretion is strongly advised. If you are playing the aforementioned stories for No Man’s Sky, and wish not to have… Read more »

A Good Game, the Right God and Reality

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I got a comment on one of my No Man’s Sky, Let’s Play videos on YouTube from someone who asked for my view of the game since its 1.3 update. No Man’s Sky is a space exploration video game which’s main objective is to fly to the centre of the galaxy. The commenter said they bought it on day #1… Read more »

Can Unbelievers Help Christians Be Effective Witnesses for Christ?

If you enjoy playing video games you probably have played those games that force you to play through a bit before the game can really begin.  That is, you really can’t begin your adventure until you have collected the basics of what you need first, to complete the game. Sometimes you learn this fact after dying, over and over, due… Read more »