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When Parents Plea: “My kids and their video games!”

Video games have become the plight of many parents. I’ll go on record to assume that all parents who are dealing with this issue are doing their best to manoeuvre themselves within this field of entertainment. Many people are asking a very important question: What do I do with the video games my kids (or friend, husband, wife, nephew, niece,… Read more »

How To Be An Effective Representative of Christ

Many modern video games have, what the gaming community calls, a “levelling-up” system. A levelling-up system is the system that enables the player to make the character they control stronger, smarter and healthier. Most games require the player to utilize this system to enable their character to progress through the game. There are, however, some video games that do not… Read more »

Why We Need To Teach Apologetics to Children

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Starting a new world in Minecraft can be overwhelming. Minecraft isn’t Lego or a puzzle.  It has no box with a lid and a picture on top to tell you what you are to make; no instructions on how to make it; and it does not tell you how to place blocks to make something as rudimentary as a circle. … Read more »

Why We Should Teach Apologetics.

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Creepers are just as much a Minecraft mascot as Steve, the character the player controls, is a Minecraft mascot. Their big, soul-less eyes and black, frowning mouth give them an appearance that quite often sends a Minecrafter’s heart racing into their throats. Why? Imagine this scenario: You spend many real hours constructing your base. You plant crops for food and… Read more »

The Importance of Coherent Christian Communication 

A couple of months ago I had a bout of embarrassment when a person I was having coffee with asked me to explain something about the video game Minecraft. In my obliviousness to their lack of knowledge of the game I prattled on, about Notch, and blocks, and building, and redstone, and hostile mobs like creepers, zombies, and skeletons versus… Read more »

God Is Not A Gamer: How is God related to the evil in our world?

One of the biggest questions that people have when it comes to issue of faith in God is understanding how His existence relates to pain and suffering. Pain and suffering are two of the biggest stoppers, for many people, to putting faith in God. Christianity asserts that God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving. These three assertions, however, have been scrutinized… Read more »

How To Play The Game of Christian Apologetics

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When it comes to playing video games, there are several habits that almost every gamer is guilty of practicing. One such habit – and, admittedly, a relatively bad habit – that many gamers practice is the act of picking up everything that is not nailed down in the world of their game and cramming it all into every conceivable pocket… Read more »

Grinding through Leviticus 

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Grinding! The thing that all gamers, big and small, have accepted as a necessary evil. What is grinding? In gaming terms, grinding, is the repeating of the same action multiple times to achieve a purpose. Minecraft is the king of video-game grinding. In order to achieve your artistic masterpiece, consisting of majestic tall buildings, beautiful landscaped scenes and fancy Redstone… Read more »

A Good Game, the Right God and Reality

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I got a comment on one of my No Man’s Sky, Let’s Play videos on YouTube from someone who asked for my view of the game since its 1.3 update. No Man’s Sky is a space exploration video game which’s main objective is to fly to the centre of the galaxy. The commenter said they bought it on day #1… Read more »

Is Beauty Really Objective?

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Something odd happened a couple weeks ago. My co-blogger, for Reasoning Gamer, Ian Murray and I wrote articles about subjectivity and objectivity about various things; yet, we wrote our articles independent of each other. I thought it would be good to address an aspect of the topic we discussed and build on what we have written. Ian made a good point… Read more »