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True Freedom in God

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I spent the last few weeks writing on human free will and God’s providence. I attempted to analyze and write what I mean by those terms and how a Christian can understand these concepts, but there is one aspect of humanity that should be considered. The question I would like to ask is, “What is freedom? What does it mean… Read more »

Concerning Free Will: What Do I mean by God’s Sovereignty? (Part 2)

In my previous blog, I dealt with the dichotomy between free will and God’s sovereignty. It would seem confusing for some since I simply stated a fact of reality that these things exist, yet I haven’t defined them. It would seem best to define that term so that people understand what I mean by God’s sovereignty, rather than how they… Read more »

Concerning Free Will: Can we have Free Will under God’s complete sovereignty? (Part 1)

I have heard many times how free will and God’s sovereignty are in conflict with one another. It may be that God lets people do their own thing, as if people do things outside of His control. We have autonomy; as in, complete independence and control over what we do, and thus God does not dictate or have control over… Read more »

God’s Creation, God’s Vision

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Minecraft! Need I say more? In Minecraft there are no missions to accomplish, no rules, no restrictions, no guidelines, no storyline and no character development; there is virtually nothing to do in Minecraft, except for whatever you want! In fact the only “rule” (as it were) to honour is to first build your world from scratch, because you are only… Read more »