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Calling All Christians Out From Religious “Fanboyism”

One common thread that weaves its way through every part of life, be it politics, religion, professional sports, video games, etc. is what the video gaming industry might call, “Fanboysim”. A fanboy is someone who is irrationally obsessed and devoted to something: a video game, a sports team, a religion, political party, etc. This, however, ought not to be mistaken… Read more »

Concerning Free Will: Can we have Free Will under God’s complete sovereignty? (Part 1)

I have heard many times how free will and God’s sovereignty are in conflict with one another. It may be that God lets people do their own thing, as if people do things outside of His control. We have autonomy; as in, complete independence and control over what we do, and thus God does not dictate or have control over… Read more »

Why Should You Care About Video Games?

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Should you care about video games? Well, it depends on how you see video games. If video games are simply just another pastime that are loved by many but not by all, and you happen to fit into the latter camp; then there is no reason for you to care about them. Golfing is something that many people are into,… Read more »

Be Warriors of Christ

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We often encourage Christians to share their faith with people and to preach Christ wherever they are and with whomever they engage. However, this about how this often comes across. Think of street preachers who loudly proclaim Christ and are ignored as background noise in the public square.  Think of a time when someone came up to you and started… Read more »

Can You Play A Video Game For God’s Glory?

Minecraft is one of those games that is so famous that it is hard to find anyone who hasn’t heard of it; but, just in case you are one such person who is scratching your head in confusion about what I am talking about, here is Minecraft in nutshell. Picture a video game that allows you to let your mind… Read more »

Do Video Games Make the Gamer a god?

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What are some of the obvious differences between video games and other forms of entertainment like watching television or movies and reading novels? In movies and novels the story is predetermined and every event and spoken word is pre-scripted.  The only thing that is left up to the reader of a novel is the right to personalize vague descriptions of… Read more »

Are You Being A Zombie?

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In order for the Christian to make their case for issues such as the inerrancy of Scripture and the existence of God they need to use reason (cf. 1 Peter 3:15) and not just merely make proclamations. However, their defence for their faith will fall on confused-ears if their audience is not using reasoning skills in their analysis of what they are… Read more »

Does Doom Make Light of Demonic Influence?

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In 2016 the remake of the famous (or infamous for some) 1993 video game, Doom, hit store shelves. “[A] research facility on Mars owned by the Union Aerospace Corporation … attempted to draw energy from Hell in order to solve an energy crisis on Earth.”(1) As a result Mars is overrun by Hell’s demonic forces. You, a highly skilled marine is sent to… Read more »

Games and Life

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Gamers, we all have our “gaming quirks” don’t we? On the Playstation Access youtube channel, co-host, Rob, takes us through a comical video, entitled: 6 Stupid Things Gamers Always Do Before Playing For Real(1). He goes  through six rituals many gamers like me go through after sitting down to play their new video game for the first time. As this is… Read more »

God’s Creation, God’s Vision

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Minecraft! Need I say more? In Minecraft there are no missions to accomplish, no rules, no restrictions, no guidelines, no storyline and no character development; there is virtually nothing to do in Minecraft, except for whatever you want! In fact the only “rule” (as it were) to honour is to first build your world from scratch, because you are only… Read more »