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The greatest power of God: The power to create

One of the most attractive aspects of rpgs (role-playing-games) is their leveling-up system. At the time of this writing, I’m playing through Final Fantasy 12 on my live-stream and I like many aspects of the game. I like the story.  One of my favorite characters is Balthier.  I like his wit and intelligence.  I like the leveling-up system. I like… Read more »

Offering A Reason To Obey God’s Word: God’s commands are practical (Part 1)

There are three classes of video games. There are some video games that “hold the player’s hand” throughout the entire game.  Just like many parents who guide their children through the first two decades of their lives; making them do their homework, keeping their bedroom clean, eating healthy, getting exercise, etc. Final Fantasy 10 fits into this class. While there… Read more »