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The greatest power of God: The power to create

One of the most attractive aspects of rpgs (role-playing-games) is their leveling-up system. At the time of this writing, I’m playing through Final Fantasy 12 on my live-stream and I like many aspects of the game. I like the story.  One of my favorite characters is Balthier.  I like his wit and intelligence.  I like the leveling-up system. I like… Read more »

Offering A Reason To Obey God’s Word: God’s commands are practical (Part 1)

There are three classes of video games. There are some video games that “hold the player’s hand” throughout the entire game.  Just like many parents who guide their children through the first two decades of their lives; making them do their homework, keeping their bedroom clean, eating healthy, getting exercise, etc. Final Fantasy 10 fits into this class. While there… Read more »

Is it sinful to play video games?

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I thought I’d address a topic where Christians seem to be either unsure or against. This concerns whether a Christian should play video games given that some of the most popular video games have violence in them. They’re oftentimes dark (Dark Souls), graphic (Grand Theft Auto), sexual (Grand Theft Auto again) and have the player primarily participate in those acts… Read more »

Who Cares About God and Video Games?

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We’ve all met these people: those who seem to be pathologically obsessed about a subject, be it their religious view or sports, so much so that it seems to be all that they talk about and live for.  Rob, from Playstation Access, highlights this phenomena with respect to video games in a comical video entitled, “7 Signs You Love a… Read more »

Be Warriors of Christ

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We often encourage Christians to share their faith with people and to preach Christ wherever they are and with whomever they engage. However, this about how this often comes across. Think of street preachers who loudly proclaim Christ and are ignored as background noise in the public square.  Think of a time when someone came up to you and started… Read more »