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If It’s Not Right With You, Don’t Play It.

I have written a few articles on how Christians can play video games. I thought it would be good to write on how Christians shouldn’t play video games; perhaps this will satisfy those people who believe I’m essentially a heretic for playing video games, that I am actually still a Christian; as I am not advocating for everyone to play Grand… Read more »

Case Analysis: Dark Souls 3 (The tragedy of one without purpose)

It’s time for my obligatory video game talk, since I am writing for a site called Reasoning Gamer, and I’m going to talk about a game that you have never heard of on this site. It is called Dark Souls 3.  In particular I want to look at an example in the game that adds to an overarching theme of… Read more »

Concerning Free Will: What is free will? (Part 3)

I have dealt with the dichotomy of God’s providence and our free will, and I have dedicated a blog explaining my doctrine concerning God’s providence and how some theologians have explained it. It would seem proper and necessary to talk about free will too, especially in this day and age. It seems that our fellow men, whether they be believers… Read more »

How To Fight Life’s Dark Souls

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There are some video games that are just lighthearted and simply fun; while there are others that leave you with a sense of fear. I don’t mean fear in terms of “jump-scare”, the emotional response that causes you to involuntarily toss the controller into the air and grab your heart to see if it is still beating and a response… Read more »