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Video Games: Why Christians should care

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Ever since the conception of this Reasoning Gamer ministry I’ve noticed a recurring response by many Christians. If I put out a blog that has the title: Can You Play A Video Game For God’s Glory?[i], what many people see is: “Play A Video Game” or even just “Video Game”. As a result, many Christians may give a “shunning hand-wave”… Read more »

The Importance of Coherent Christian Communication 

A couple of months ago I had a bout of embarrassment when a person I was having coffee with asked me to explain something about the video game Minecraft. In my obliviousness to their lack of knowledge of the game I prattled on, about Notch, and blocks, and building, and redstone, and hostile mobs like creepers, zombies, and skeletons versus… Read more »

The Evangelism of God: While we are not working, God is working

There are some who may look at what I do as a Christian at Reasoning Gamer or on my YouTube channel, Christian Gamer, and question whether such endeavors are effective. I’ll say this as an author that, personally, I have been consistently undermined and/or questioned about the things I do. I have stated that I do monthly sermons at a… Read more »

Should Christians Play Video Games?

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In light of the stigma around people who play video games, it would be of necessity to ask if video games are a hobby, like any other, or is it a horrible pastime that no real men should play? In spite of the many criticism of video games, some of which are legitimate and need to be addressed, I would… Read more »