Looking for friendly and mature conversations!

I am glad to hear from you! We can all be kids at heart but let us all be grownups in how we talk to one another. If you have a question or wish to open a discussion with me about something I wrote on a blog or said in the video, or if you just have a question that has been burning in your heart, I’ll try to answer it as respectfully and directly as possible. As such, I will ask you to give me the same courtesy. Please refrain from ad-hominem attacks, and the use of foul language, as swearing adds no context to a point that is being made. In sum, please be as open, and as direct with me with your views as you wish (and as you can), but please do so respectfully and in a mature manner.

Please understand that I reserve the right to refuse to respond to comments which are offered in an obscene manner or are asked in an immature fashion.

Furthermore, I reserve the right to answer any questions and respond to any comments either privately or publicly via a video or a blogpost. However, please take comfort that if I do answer your question or respond to your comments publicly I will never mention the origin of the question or comment. I do this as a means of protecting your anonymity and privacy; it is your question that I am answering or your comment that I am addressing and not you (the one who asked the question, or made the comment.)

You can contact me in several ways: 

I look forward to hearing from you!