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There Is Only One Way To Heaven 

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Trophies are some of the prizes people strive for in video games. Rob, the host of Playstation Access UK’s, Friday Feature, made a comical video entitled, 7 Platinum Trophies We’d Totally Unlock If They Didn’t Take FOREVER![i] where he discusses a racing game entitled ModNation Racers. He stated that in order to acquire the Star Creator Trophy, the player has… Read more »

How To Look At Life: When I am not where I want to be

At my hands the lives of many video game characters tend to suffer – and depending on the video game, they tend to suffer a lot! They suffer pain and death. When I am fighting a strong villain, through me they will eventually find victory, but the journey to said victory is not without many, many bruises (metaphorically speaking); and… Read more »

Concerning Todd Friel’s Video On Men Who Play Video Games

Wretched, a radio show and a YouTube channel, released two videos about whether men should play video games.[i]  Todd Friel, the host of Wretched, made a few points about how videogames can be a part of a Christian man’s life. I’d like to respond to them, so I would recommend anyone who is reading this to go to the videos… Read more »

Teach Apologetics to Children: Children are intelligent!

When you think of the word “gamer” what goes through your head? A young college kid with a scruffy beard, donning a wireless-headset? Or, how about a child sitting at the computer; their body here on earth, their mind in a whole other zone? documents that in 2017, 35 percent of “gamers” worldwide were between the ages 21-35, in… Read more »

Why We Need To Teach Apologetics to Children

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Starting a new world in Minecraft can be overwhelming. Minecraft isn’t Lego or a puzzle.  It has no box with a lid and a picture on top to tell you what you are to make; no instructions on how to make it; and it does not tell you how to place blocks to make something as rudimentary as a circle. … Read more »

God’s Three Greatest Miracles 

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I am not going to profess to have knowledge of what went through the minds of people who lived 250 years ago in the time of famous theologian, Jonathon Edwards[i]. However, I’d hazard a guess that if we gamers were to take our modern-day gaming gadgets, like Playstation 4s or Blue-Ray disks with video games, like Grand Theft Auto 5,… Read more »

Why We Should Teach Apologetics.

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Creepers are just as much a Minecraft mascot as Steve, the character the player controls, is a Minecraft mascot. Their big, soul-less eyes and black, frowning mouth give them an appearance that quite often sends a Minecrafter’s heart racing into their throats. Why? Imagine this scenario: You spend many real hours constructing your base. You plant crops for food and… Read more »

Are Heaven and Hell Like Virtual Reality?

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Imagine meeting a person who claims to be you, from the future, and claims that future video games will have touch-virtual-reality; that is, when an NPCs (non-player character) touches your character’s hand you actually feel the touch. They also tell you about smell-virtual-reality, where, for example, you actually smell the sweet-smelling flora of a field created in the video game… Read more »

The Importance of Coherent Christian Communication 

A couple of months ago I had a bout of embarrassment when a person I was having coffee with asked me to explain something about the video game Minecraft. In my obliviousness to their lack of knowledge of the game I prattled on, about Notch, and blocks, and building, and redstone, and hostile mobs like creepers, zombies, and skeletons versus… Read more »