When Parents Plea: “My kids and their video games!”

Video games have become the plight of many parents. I’ll go on record to assume that all parents who are dealing with this issue are doing their best to manoeuvre themselves within this field of entertainment. Many people are asking a very important question: What do I do with the video games my kids (or friend, husband, wife, nephew, niece,… Read more »

Video Games: Why Christians should care

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Ever since the conception of this Reasoning Gamer ministry I’ve noticed a recurring response by many Christians. If I put out a blog that has the title: Can You Play A Video Game For God’s Glory?[i], what many people see is: “Play A Video Game” or even just “Video Game”. As a result, many Christians may give a “shunning hand-wave”… Read more »

Christ’s Interpretation First: Listening to Christ before listening to Christians

Picture on a wall of an art museum a painting that looked like this: A gloomy picture of a seaside. The primary colours of this painting consist of various dark blues, different shades of grey and black. The sky is overcast with clouds that look heavy with cold rain. On the shore sits a lonely lighthouse whose light is broken…. Read more »

Do Video Game Loot-Boxes Lead To A Gambling Addiction In Children?

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was released in 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One as a first person shooter based on the beloved movie series. The game is also a remake of an old PS2 game which was one of my favorite games, but I didn’t get the remake in 2017. Keep in mind that I have not played the game,… Read more »

How To Be An Effective Representative of Christ

Many modern video games have, what the gaming community calls, a “levelling-up” system. A levelling-up system is the system that enables the player to make the character they control stronger, smarter and healthier. Most games require the player to utilize this system to enable their character to progress through the game. There are, however, some video games that do not… Read more »

The Sims: A simulation of S.I.N

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The video game, The Sims, is very much a classic. In the Sims you are commissioned to take complete control over the life of a virtual human being. However, the player’s responsibilities  are far greater than those found in most video games, as the player goes far beyond just taking control of your character’s movements. With the Sims things are… Read more »

Being Close To The Game or Close To God

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One question that could be asked by Christians when it comes to doing extracurricular activities is whether or not the activity in question brings the Christian closer to Jesus. This has been applied to many forms of extracurricular activities, but let’s narrow our focus to video games from here on in. A question that a Christian may ask a fellow… Read more »

Is It A Sin To Play Grand Theft Auto?

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We’ve all had it done to us. We sit down at the kitchen table to eat dinner, grab  a fork in one hand and a knife in the other, then “ding dong!” – a door-to-door salesman interrupts dinner. You grunt in frustration, assuming that all  they are going to do is try to sell a useless trinket. You answer your… Read more »

The greatest power of God: The power to create

One of the most attractive aspects of rpgs (role-playing-games) is their leveling-up system. At the time of this writing, I’m playing through Final Fantasy 12 on my live-stream and I like many aspects of the game. I like the story.  One of my favorite characters is Balthier.  I like his wit and intelligence.  I like the leveling-up system. I like… Read more »