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Do Video Game Loot-Boxes Lead To A Gambling Addiction In Children?

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was released in 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One as a first person shooter based on the beloved movie series. The game is also a remake of an old PS2 game which was one of my favorite games, but I didn’t get the remake in 2017. Keep in mind that I have not played the game,… Read more »

The greatest power of God: The power to create

One of the most attractive aspects of rpgs (role-playing-games) is their leveling-up system. At the time of this writing, I’m playing through Final Fantasy 12 on my live-stream and I like many aspects of the game. I like the story.  One of my favorite characters is Balthier.  I like his wit and intelligence.  I like the leveling-up system. I like… Read more »

Concerning Todd Friel’s Video On Men Who Play Video Games

Wretched, a radio show and a YouTube channel, released two videos about whether men should play video games.[i]  Todd Friel, the host of Wretched, made a few points about how videogames can be a part of a Christian man’s life. I’d like to respond to them, so I would recommend anyone who is reading this to go to the videos… Read more »

The Evangelism of God: While we are not working, God is working

There are some who may look at what I do as a Christian at Reasoning Gamer or on my YouTube channel, Christian Gamer, and question whether such endeavors are effective. I’ll say this as an author that, personally, I have been consistently undermined and/or questioned about the things I do. I have stated that I do monthly sermons at a… Read more »

If It’s Not Right With You, Don’t Play It.

I have written a few articles on how Christians can play video games. I thought it would be good to write on how Christians shouldn’t play video games; perhaps this will satisfy those people who believe I’m essentially a heretic for playing video games, that I am actually still a Christian; as I am not advocating for everyone to play Grand… Read more »

Is it sinful to play video games?

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I thought I’d address a topic where Christians seem to be either unsure or against. This concerns whether a Christian should play video games given that some of the most popular video games have violence in them. They’re oftentimes dark (Dark Souls), graphic (Grand Theft Auto), sexual (Grand Theft Auto again) and have the player primarily participate in those acts… Read more »

Nature of Things (Part 3): God is the only one who can redeem

I have spent time in my previous articles explaining the nature of things and how they exist, and what the nature of sin is in relation to how things exist.  I would suggest that if you are confused or do not understand what I write here, please read over those previous articles so that I may be better understood.[i] It… Read more »

Case Analysis: Dark Souls 3 (The tragedy of one without purpose)

It’s time for my obligatory video game talk, since I am writing for a site called Reasoning Gamer, and I’m going to talk about a game that you have never heard of on this site. It is called Dark Souls 3.  In particular I want to look at an example in the game that adds to an overarching theme of… Read more »

The Nature of Sin (Part 2)

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Here’s a question: What is sin? I started my first article discussing the nature of things as they exist and what evil is in relation to them. The summary of that article was that everything that is created by God is good and thus evil, or sin, doesn’t exist in the same category as the created order. It’s not something… Read more »